Should my file have a cutting line or crop marks?

Your file is required to have a cut line. The cutting line must be in the color magenta to properly be recognized with our software. 

Check out the tutorial video below on how to create a cut line to your file. Please do not use crop marks within your file.


How to make a Cut Line

For the shape: Choose Window > Toolbars > Advanced

  1. Select the tool pen, the rectangle or an existing vector object and create a shape.
  2. Select the created shape and give the line the color ‘stans'.
  3. Choose Window > Line > Weight > Create weight to 0.2mm (0.567 pt.).
  4. Choose Window > Attributes > Overprint stroke.

  •  Using the Rectangle tool:
    • Select the rectangle tool and click where you want the square/rectangle to be. Enter the width and height and click OK.
    • For rounded corners: Choose Window > Transform.
    • Select 'properties rectangle' for corner type and change the radius of the corner to 2mm (the lower four numbers).
  •  Using a Pen tool:
    • Use the pen tool to click on the place where you want the cut line to start.
    • Always click around the object to make the cut line.
    • Press and hold the mouse button and drag to make a bend.
    • Finish by clicking again on the point where you started.
  •  Create a new spot color cut line:
    • Choose Window > Swatches.
    • Choose = (top right) > New swatch.
    • Change name of the swatch to “stans” (in all lower case).
    • Change color type to Spot color.
    • Change CMYK to C0, M100, Y0, K0.
    • Press OK.

In some instancesit is possible to create a perforation between your labelsperforation line is made in the same way as a cut line, only interrupted. For more information, please get in contact with us.