Always check if your file has an overprint. Having overprint in your file is not necessarily right or wrong, however it may give an undesired result/outcome when printed. It is therefore important that you do not set a color/object in your design to overprint when it is not necessary.


How does having overprint affect my file?

Overprint is only visible when the labels have been completed, when the design has already been printed. If you have overprint selected in the wrong place in the design, it will give an undesirable outcome. Possibilities are that a pink cut line will be printed onto the design, or perhaps the laser may recognize this to cut on areas that shouldn’t be cut! 

Note: overprint is not visible in the online preview in 'My Zolemba'. Zolemba is not responsible if the result, based on overprint, is not to your liking.


How do I detect overprint in my file?

Using Adobe Acrobat (not with Adobe Reader) you can easily detect overprint in the design. To detect the overprint in the design, go to the right menu and click on Print Production and then click on Output Preview and then deselect “Simulate Overprinting”.